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TikTok API v2

TikTok API v2 is the new generation of our API. Created based on feedback from our partners, TikTok API v2 follows industry standards such as OAuth 2.0 protocol and provides an improved integration experience.

Our new v2 API is hosted at

What's New

New Request and Response Format


Users need to pass the access token returned from the authorization step to successfully call our v2 APIs. The access token must be put into Authorization header with Bearer type. We no longer require open_id for request authentication.

Request Parameters

GET requests may have query parameters but no request body is allowed.

For POST requests, fields should be provided as a query parameter. All other parameters should be placed in the request body in JSON format.

Please refer to the documentation for each individual API for detailed information about the request format.

Error Handling

v2 APIs will return different 4xx and 5xx HTTP status in the response, with the name of the error and an error message in the response body. For a complete list of HTTP status and error names, please refer to our TikTok API Error Handling document.