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TikTok for Developers


App Review Guidelines

Before you submit your app for review, make sure your app information is completely filled out and meets the criteria listed below. Check out our app review FAQ for answers to any additional questions you may have.

App review criteria

For your app to receive approval, it must meet the following criteria:

App Name and Icon

  • The app must have a custom name. The app name will be shown on the authorization page for the app.
  • The name should not include a reference to social media companies (for example, "TikTok app").
  • The app name should match the app or website name and not describe your app. For example, do not add "Video Content Analytics Uploader" as the name.
  • The app name must adhere to the TikTok Brand and Use Guidelines.


  • A description of what your app or website does and how it works. This will be visible to the user.
  • The intended purpose of your app must meet our developer guidelines.
  • Apps must not be for private or personal use.
  • Apps must not contain adult content.
  • Apps that are still in development or testing will not be approved.
  • Apps for clothing resale will not be approved.

Website URL

  • A valid official website that houses information about your web and services.
  • Your website URL cannot be a landing page or login page. You must have an externally facing fully developed website.
  • Your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service links must be visible on the website URL without having to open a menu to view them, and the links must be active.

Privacy Policy/Terms of Service

  • A valid Privacy Policy and Terms of Service and must be visible on your official website.

Additional platform specific requirements:


  • Your app must be published in the Apple App Store.
  • You must configure iOS Bundle ID under the iOS app configuration section.


  • Your app must be published in the Google Play Store.
  • You must configure Android app signature and package name under the Andriod app configuration section.

Web apps

  • You must provide a valid redirect URI under the web app configuration section.


  • To obtain access to our developer tools, be sure to add the correct scope to your app.
  • Only request permissions and features that your app needs.
TikTok for Developers