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Posting API
Expand your creators' reach with our posting tools
With hundreds of millions of users, TikTok is the most popular hub for short-form videos. When you integrate your app with our Content Posting APIs, you provide your creators with the optimal set of capabilities they need to share the art they create in your platform.
A streamlined way of sharing 
Every day, creators post their content on TikTok to reach new audiences and build engaged communities. With our Content Posting APIs, you can build a smooth and simple sharing experience for our creators by reducing the steps it takes for them to post their content to TikTok.
More ways to post 
Content Posting APIs are compatible with desktop, cloud, and web applications. Additionally, you can provide different posting options in your app by letting creators either post their content directly from your app to their TikTok profile or upload it to TikTok as a draft for further editing.
Our offerings
Direct Post API
With Direct Post API, creators can post content directly from your app to their TikTok profile. Once integrated, your app will have the same posting settings as TikTok, so that creators can write a caption, add hashtags, and choose who can view their posted content.
Upload to TikTok
With Upload API, creators can upload draft content from your app to TikTok. Once their content has been successfully exported, they will receive a notification in their TikTok inbox informing them that their uploaded content is ready for further editing and can be posted through TikTok's creation flow.
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