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TikTok for Developers
Share KitLevel up the creator's journey with Share Kit, enabling seamless content sharing from your mobile app to TikTok – then add effects, hashtags, and more!
How it works
Let users create in your app. Then share to TikTokElevate your users' content creation game with Share Kit's seamless flow.
Share to TikTokInstantly share content from your app to TikTok with just a single tap.
Edit, add effects, and moreSpruce up posts using TikTok's extensive range of effects and editing tools.
Post with your hashtagAutomatically add a custom hashtag to boost your app's presence.
Looking for web-app sharing? Check out Content Posting API
Share a variety of content with Share KitProvide your users the ease of sharing videos, effects, and hashtags directly to TikTok.
Mobile short-form video exportingShare Kit enables users to share classic short-form videos on TikTok without the need for repeated logins or authentication.
Green screen effectsLeverage one of TikTok’s most loved effects by allowing your app to share images or videos as a dynamic backdrop.
Hashtag-powered brandingMore than just offering a fresh channel for users to share their creations, Share Kit amplifies your brand by sharing specific hashtags with content, all in a simplified process.
Why use ShareKit?
Grow your audience with creative strategies
Create a seamless sharing experience for users while promoting your own business, app, or brand.
Engage your communityWith a massive user base and thriving community of content creators, TikTok is an ideal platform for content sharing. Your users will love how easy it is to post directly on TikTok.Promote your brandBy auto-filling your hashtag in posts shared to TikTok, your brand will circulate throughout TikTok, attracting more views and engaging interactions.
Get started with Share KitFollow our documentation to set up and start using Share Kit