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Data Portability Application Guidelines

To ensure a successful submission to the Data Portability API, please review these guidelines for each question carefully, including the FAQ. If your application does not meet the criteria below, you may be required to resubmit your application or be requested to provide more details, which may delay your application's review.

Application details

  1. Applicant name

Enter the name of your representative or employee, rather than a business/organization name. TikTok may reach out to this person about your application via the email provided below.

  1. Applicant email address

Use an email address that matches your business/organization domain. TikTok may reach out to this person about the application.

  1. Organization name

Please ensure that your business/organization is accurately entered.

  1. Organization website

Please check that your website is live and working as expected, and is not a holding page or otherwise incomplete website.

  1. TikTok representative email

Optional: If you have a contact at TikTok you already work with, you can enter their email address here. We may reach out to them if there are issues with your application.

  1. App ID

Please ensure your App ID is correct and matches the app that you intend to make a submission for (if you have multiple apps). To view a list of your apps and their corresponding App IDs, log in to your TikTok for Developers account, click the profile icon, then click Manage apps.

Data scope & use case

  1. Data scope(s) required

This selection must clearly match the description and UX mockups you provide.

  1. Provide a detailed explanation about how the requested data scope(s) will be used for your use case

Explain in detail how your data scope is appropriate for the intended use case. Describe exactly how the UX flow demonstrated in your uploaded mockups matches your data scope(s).

  1. Upload high-fidelity UX mockups

Your upload must match your previous answers and demonstrate the end-to-end user journey,. This includes showing four distinct screens that clearly illustrate each step outlined below.

Your app must clearly inform users what data will be transferred to TikTok and for what purpose. By requiring high-fidelity UX mockups, TikTok aims to ensure that users are being provided with adequate information before proceeding with a transfer.

TikTok connection page

  • Show the initial option(s) where users can see "Connect to TikTok", or similar.
  • Demonstrate where your users can select TikTok to connect it to your product or service.

Connecting to TikTok

  • Display to users that your service is connecting to TikTok.
  • Give users the ability to "Proceed", "Go back", or similar.
  • Clearly explain to the user what is happening, including an outline of the data being shared and an explanation of why this data is being requested.

Confirmation of connection

  • Show TikTok's login authorization page. This is TikTok's page that cannot be modified. However, please include this page in your UX mockups to demonstrate when it is expected to appear in the user journey.

Final output / result

  • Demonstrate confirmation that your app successfully connected to TikTok. If applicable, this page can also show the user output (synced data, complied data, and more).

GDPR & Data subject requests

  1. Describe how you enable and respond to users making data subject requests

Provide a detailed response that clearly outlines how users can make requests for their data and get a copy of it from your business/organization. Alternatively, you may provide a link to a page where this information is already outlined, such as your privacy policy.

  1. Do you wish to upload any supporting evidence or documents for data subject requests?

Optional: For example, if you wish to upload a PDF version of your privacy policy to support your prior answer, you may do so here.

Data protection policy and processes

  1. Outline or provide links to relevant documentation that explain your data protection policy and processes

Please provide a detailed response or a link to a page where this information is already outlined, such as your privacy policy.

  1. Do you wish to upload any supporting evidence or documents for data policy or processes?

Supplement your application with additional information, such as relevant legal or policy documents.

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