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Data Portability API
Effective data portability aligns with the ideas of market contestability that TikTok supports.

Our Data Portability API, available for TikTok users in the European Economic Area (EEA), allows users to authorize a transfer of their information to your app. We're working to provide increased access to this API in the future.
What data is available?With the Data Portability API, users can designate your app to request and manage exports of different data scopes.
Posts and profile
Includes information about a user's profile like their posts, following list, and followers list.
Direct messages
All available data
For each of these sets of data, users can authorize a one-time request, or give permission for ongoing access. Learn more about the data types returned by our APIs.
Who can apply?
Our Data Portability API is available to qualified applicants globally, but currently only covers data for TikTok users in the EEA.

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria to qualify for access:
  • Have a well-defined use case that requires access to one or more of the listed scopes
  • Serve TikTok users in the EEA and be able to distinguish them (the API will not return data for users outside the EEA)
  • Provide high-fidelity UX mockups and pass a privacy and security review to ensure user safety
How to manage data transfers
Once your application is approved, check out our Get started guide for step-by-step instructions on how to apply for access and manage data transfers.
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