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TikTok for DevelopersTikTok for Developers


Register your app


Before registering your app, you should:

  1. Create a TikTok developer account using your email from our signup page.
  2. Create or join an organization representing the owning group of the app.
    • This step is highly recommended but not required.

Start registering your app

Follow these steps to register an app on TikTok for Developers:

  1. Log in using your TikTok developer account.
  2. Click Manage apps on the top-right side on the navigation bar to display your apps.

You won't have any apps if you just created the developer account as part of this tutorial.

  1. Click Connect an app to register your app.
  2. When prompted to Select the app owner, choose one of your organizations and click Confirm.
    • If you don't see any organizations, consider creating one. Learn more.
    • You may also register the app directly under your individual developer account, but this is not recommended for real app integrations.
  3. You will be redirected to the settings page for your new app. You can also find this page under the Manage apps page.
  4. Fill in the requested information using the instructions below before submitting for review.

Configure settings for your app

You can use the panel on the left to help you navigate the form.

  • Clicking on Manage apps exits this form and returns you to the list of your apps.
  • Clicking on App details, Configuration, or Products scrolls the page to the corresponding section.
  • Clicking on Add a product enables you to configure new products for your app. We will cover this in the next sections.

You can perform the following three operations on top of the content panel:

  • Delete app: Deletes the current app. Be cautious, this cannot be undone!
  • Submit for review: Save changes and submit to TikTok for review.
  • Save changes: Save changes without submitting.

App details

App details displays essential information about your app.

  • App ID uniquely identifies your app.
  • Client key and Client secret are needed by your application to invoke TikTok APIs. They will be available after the app has been approved.
  • Status indicates the app review status. For more details, see the App Review Status section in this document.


The Configuration section displays and collects basic app information.

  • App icon and App name are displayed whenever your app is present in the TikTok ecosystem. See example below.

  • Category helps us better understand your app.
  • Description will be displayed by TikTok when a user views the app authorization page. It will help the user understand your app.


You can run your app on different platforms including web, Android, and iOS. Select your intended platforms and then provide the requested details.

  • Web requires the URL of your official website.
  • Android requires your app's package name, app signature, and signing certificate. This is used to verify your app's identity when you invoke TikTok APIs. Provide your Play Store URL to enable us to better understand your app.
  • iOS requires the App Store URL as well as the Bundle ID. This is used to verify your app's identity when you invoke TikTok APIs. Provide your App Store URL to enable us to better understand your app.


Add products to your app by clicking + Add a product on the navigational panel on the left.

For demo purposes, let's add Login Kit.

In a real integration, add only what you need for your business usecase.

You should be able to see items appear on the navigation panel once they are added.

Login Kit Demo

Let's walk through the product specific settings for Login Kit.

  • Provide your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy URL. They will be displayed when the TikTok user is prompted for login authorization. They also allow TikTok to understand your app during the review process.
  • Web, iOS, and Android require a redirect URI to return an authorization code back to your app.

Submit for review

Before you integrate with our developer products, your TikTok for Developers app registration must be submitted for review. Please familiarize yourself with our developer guidelines to understand our integration processes and requirements, before submitting your changes for review.

Click Save changes to save current progress. Click Submit for review once you are completed, and we will start reviewing your application.

App Review Status

The Status for your app review is visible under App details.

  • Staging: Your app has not been submitted for review yet.
  • Under review: Your current revision of app has been submitted for review and is pending a decision. No further changes can be made at this stage.
  • Changes not approved: After reviewing your changes, we determined it did not meet our criteria. Rejection details will be displayed on your app page with suggested actions. Complete the suggested actions and resubmit your app for review.
  • Live in production: Your current revision of the app was approvedand is ready for integration.

Once your app is approved, any subsequent changes must be submitted for review and approved to appear in the live release.