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Research API


As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we're developing APIs to support research of the TikTok platform by allowing access to public and anonymized data. We will offer a platform research API to study content and a moderation API to evaluate our moderation system. API access will be made available gradually, as part of a phased release, to researchers globally.

What to expect

For Phase 1, we will offer API access to selected researchers to test a beta version of our platform research API so that we can gather more feedback as we continue to improve the experience and offering.

We expect this phase to continue for some months before we make access more broadly available to others in research, academia, and civil society.

What data will be available

Depending on their research needs, testers will be able to access public data, such as public videos, accounts, and keyword search results.

Next Steps

Once phase one is complete, we'll introduce an applications process for researchers who would like to request API access. We'll also look to do a beta test for our content moderation API next year. We'll publish more information about the application process in the coming months


Please reach out with questions to