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Introducing our new Blog!
by Uttaresh Mehta, Engineering Leader, TikTok for Developers
Tech @ TikTok
Developer products

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Blog on TikTok for Developers!

What to expect

We will share insights into our developer products and showcase stories from the innovative tech teams that power TikTok. Our blog posts will cover a spectrum of tech topics, including frontend, backend, mobile, research, open source, and community events.

Explore our first posts

  1. Highlights from TikTok's Hackathon Challenge 2023: Dive into the creativity and solutions that emerged from our recent hackathon.
  2. Direct Post: How creative partners enabled effortless sharing to TikTok: Learn how these developers made sharing content to TikTok a seamless and delightful experience.
  3. PrivacyGo: TikTok’s initiative in synergistic privacy-enhancing technologies: Discover TikTok's commitment to data privacy with our open source contributions to PETs.
  4. Introducing the TikTok Open SDK on GitHub: Explore the code behind our SDK on GitHub and take a look at some demo apps.

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