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Introducing the TikTok Open SDK on GitHub
by Stephen Boyle, iOS Engineer, TikTok and Sanchit Matta, Product Manager, TikTok
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TikTok is always looking for new ways to enable self-expression, creativity, and connection among the TikTok community, both on and off our platform. When we launched our TikTok for Developers program, we set out to create fresh and innovative tools for external applications and their communities. Today, we're excited to introduce the updated TikTok OpenSDK on GitHub that allows third-party platforms to build seamless sharing and authentication experiences within their app.

The TikTok OpenSDK consists of our Login Kit and Share Kit, available for both iOS and Android. With this new release, we have improved our codebase to align with industry best practices in both Swift and Kotlin programming languages for interoperability. Our Login and Share Kits are distinct downloadable frameworks to keep integrations lightweight and to provide the flexibility to select what best fits the needs of the application (though we recommend both)!

Share Kit

With this release, the existing Video Kit is now Share Kit, as this new SDK now supports sharing photos as posts to TikTok straight from a third-party application. Share Kit enables integration directly with TikTok, now providing the ability for both photos and videos to be shared seamlessly with TikTok from a third party app's editing platform. One of the third parties that we're excited to be integrated with ShareKit is Smule, a popular application that allows people to sing and create music with a community of fellow music enthusiasts from around the world.

Login Kit

Login Kit, which first launched in 2021, introduced new ways for third-party mobile apps and developers to integrate with TikTok, giving people access to even more features to create and share content. Through the Login Kit, third parties can build Sign In, Log In, or Continue with TikTok capabilities for their communities to sign in quickly and securely with their TikTok credentials.

To provide a reliable and secure login alternative, Login Kit and authorization APIs adhere to OAuth 2.0 and Proof Key Code Exchange (PKCE) protocols. In addition, TikTok has incorporated support for Android's App Links and iOS's Universal Links when redirecting a person back to the third-party app during the authorization flow to ensure the authorization response return.

One of our partners providing an efficient and secure integration with Login Kit is, the world's leading link-in-bio solution that allows users to create a simple, customizable landing page to help anyone share everything they create, curate and sell across any platform. Another partner using Login Kit is Discord, a voice, video, and text communications platform that brings people together over shared experiences.

The TikTok OpenSDK

The TikTok OpenSDK, now on GitHub for iOS and Android, allows third party apps an opportunity to extend their reach while giving users a wider selection of creative tools to help their content match their vision. We're excited to offer developers a growing suite of tools to integrate with TikTok and connect with our community.

If you're a developer interested in integrating with TikTok using our SDK, check out our Quickstart documentation for Android and iOS and explore the demo apps included inside TikTok OpenSDK GitHub repos.

This article was originally published on TikTok for Developers on June 8, 2023.

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