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TikTok for developers

Our products
Login Kit

Enable Login Kit so that users can sign into your app or website quickly and securely through their TikTok login credentials. By logging in with TikTok, users can share their videos on your app, bringing creativity from TikTok to your app experience.

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Video Kit

Share videos to TikTok with just a tap. Add a "Share to TikTok" button to your app so users can share their short-form videos with the entire TikTok community.

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Content Posting API

Our API empowers your creators to seamlessly post their content to TikTok.

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Embed videos

Make it easy to share your favorite TikTok videos on the web with embeds. Embedded videos will credit the original creator by showcasing their username and link back to their original video on our website.

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Green Screen Kit

Inspire creativity with Green Screen backgrounds. Users can record themselves over photos and videos shared directly from your app.

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Display API

The Display API contains a set of HTTP-based APIs that your product can use to display TikTok creator's videos and their profile information.

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Research API

The Research API will give researchers access to TikTok public data on user profiles, videos, and comments.

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